Saturday, February 9, 2013

New Year, New Work

It has been awhile since I posted, the new year is already rapidly passing and I am almost to a "significant" birthday.  Amazing how fast the years go... So for my first blog of 2013 I want to talk about my currect and upcoming show.

My show at the Matthew Robert Salon in Edmonds continues through the end of February.

My featured  show at Gallery North in April, "Natural Connections" will feature my favorite subjects - the subjects that help make me feel more connected to the natural world. Owls with their wild and secretive ways may only be occasionally spotted by me but their presence among us reminds me that we are part of the natural world. Hummingbirds with their tiny bodies and fierce hearts touch me and remind me how precious and fragile life is. Crows with their ability to adapt to their environment, often drastically changed by humans, gives me hope. The behavior of all of my bird subjects is a constant source of joy to me - joy that I try to convey paintings. It is my intention to spread joy and in doing so make the world a happier place to be. 

Barn Owlet (Copper)

Crow in the City

Square Deals

Squared Up

Gardening Crow
Please visit my website for more information about my events and shows for 2013.  Happy New Year!  (it is not really that late considering Chinese New Year is tomorrow. :)

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Diana Khoury said...

Beautiful art, I love your work. I look forward to hearing more about where I can see it in person! Love the calendars too. Can't wait to get one.