Monday, June 13, 2011

Exciting News

Exciting news - at least for me. Not only did I get two paintings into the Edmonds Arts Festival juried exhibition, a major accomplishment in itself, I received an award!
Baby Barn Owls, a painting inspired by watching the Barn Owl nest cam, won an Honorable Mention.  It is so exciting.  Along with the excitment, there is this underlying feeling of being humbled by the competition. There were so many paintings that I admired and would have picked if I were the juror that didn't receive any mention.  I always thought that actors are being falsely modest when they talk about being surprized and honored to be in the company of other great actors competing for an award.  Now I wonder, I certainly feel suprized and honored.  Anyway, I will not let this go to my head - it is afterall such a subjective decision. However, I deeply grateful that I was selected for the honor! Woooohooo!

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JoyfulArt said...

That is indeed very exciting. Congratulations!