Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Gallery North - Faux Arts Show

The April Show at Gallery North this month is the Faux Art Show - A Celebration of Impersonation.  Gallery Arts have chosen some of their favorite artists to emulate.  I chose Vincent van Gogh's "Twelve Sunflowers in a Vase." As it is one of my earliest "wow" experiences. I remember looking at the painting and loving it as a very young girl and even then itching to paint it. Now all these years later I have attempted it. I now appreciate what he accomplished even more.  The show runs thru the end of April and there are "fauxs" of dozens of famous painters: Monet, Rembrant, Adams, Klee, Hopper, and many more.  http://www.gallery-north.com/

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celeste said...

love the sunflowers.
your studio! what a treasure!
thank you for your kind words before my presentation on Saturday!