Thursday, October 9, 2008

Edmonds Art Studio Tour 2008

I was in Studio 1 again this year in the home of my friend Heather McGilvray a very talented artisan weaver. Heather's studio is in the daylight basement of this beautiful home and features several huge looms with works in progress.

This year we were joined by Sue T. Smith a talented watercolorist and print maker. Sue demonstrated reduction printing during the tour in the Kitchen/Family Room of Heather's home.

My art was displayed beautifully on the dark green walls of Heather's living room and dining room. This year I showed only my Acrylic paintings and cards and calendars. I had a new line of Cat-themed Holiday cards available this year. (Copyright Kathleen A. Johnson 2004-08). Tawny and Fresca are the models for all of the cat-themed cards and when they are not modeling share our home with us.
The Studio Tour was an unqualified success and scores of people came to see and purchase our artwork. I met and talked with many interesting people and had a great time.

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